Memory Lane

12/10/19 Sunset Tavern

11/1/19 Substation

10/15/19 Central Saloon

8/23/19 Conor Byrne Pub

7/2/19 Seamonster

6/29/19 Delridge ArtsNatureFest

6/23/19 The Fremont Fair

6/20/19 Skylark

6/7/19 Conor Byrne Pub

5/28 Vera Project Folklife

5/11/19 The Royal Room

5/5/19 live on KAOS radio

3/18/19 Sunset Tavern

2/1/19 Tims tavern

11/8/18 Fremont Abbey

9/21/18 Ballard Underground

8/3/18 High Dive

Seattle-based band, The Winter Shakers, is like a stash of priceless art works composed by colorful crayon box. The group is the smile of the Mona Lisa overcome with birthday ice cream and icing. The members write the best songs you haven’t heard, rich with a lilt and pounce you’ve known your whole life. Their music is a mighty mix of majesty and mayhem. 

The band’s central hearth is front man, Jeremy Shanok. A masterful lyricist with a knack for both comedic and heartwarming timing. He is the friend you run into on a cool summer night who offers you your first gin and tonic of the evening. He understands the need for thumps and the requirement of melody when shifting from moment to moment in old torrid air. 

Shanok is supported by his band mates, singsong bass player Noah Byrd and unabashed drummer Jordan Otto. Together they offer the buffet of ideas signature to the trio’s performance. Thoughtful, as if bending a beam of light through a fish tank’s waters in order to shine it on a crumpled piece of paper with divine thoughts splayed in wine drips and spilt coffee sips.